21% improved performance

Background management is optimized via intelligent RAM management, regular system acceleration, and one key fast-clean memory. Overall performance is improved by 21% for ultra smooth operation with zero lag.

20% longer battery life

Unique alarm synchronous heartbeat

minimizes system wake up to reduce background app power consumption.

Unique standby network management

In standby mode, XUI auto initiates standby network management to increase standby time by 28%.

Chic wallpapers & themes

Trendy color block design enables vivid pictures and crisp text. Meticulously designed icons, themes, and wallpapers are regularly updated. Theme design becomes available later, making your Smartphone even more personalized.

Keep up with Android upgrade

XUI was optimized by lightweight methodology based on market trends and Android operation logic; this keeps the OS running smoothly and ensures fast version updates. With XUI, you can experience the lastest operating system.

Stay in touch

one account, connected everywhere

Xaccounts are connected for your convenience. Register one account to access platform software including Xcontacts, Xclub, and User feedback.

Advanced power saving function

no more cry for low battery

With ultra power saving mode, users can set reminders or be prompted automatically when power falls below 10%. The interface for this mode includes 6 fixed apps. All background functions are terminated for minimal power consumption; this effectively doubles standby time so that you may continue to operate under low battery conditions.


never lose touch

Xcontacts keeps your contacts safe; login with Xcontacts and sync up via cloud. Simply download when switching mobile devices to save time and energy. A recycling function is included for convenient phone book updates.


swap phones with ease

Our unique fast transfer technology saves you both time and money. Login to Xender via X-Account when swapping phones to quickly transfer photos, videos, software, and other data formats. This process does not consume bandwidth and is significantly faster than Bluetooth. Xender also allows users to share content with friends across mobile devices.

XClub-Infinix forum

Xclub is the official forum of Infinix.
Users can login via X-Account to share tips, download updates, provide feedback, and win prizes.

User feedback

talk with devs

XUI feedback platform brings users closer to devs. Login with X-Account to comment on user experience, make suggestions, or report bugs. As an important part of our process, feedback is carefully considered for future updates and fixes.