Introducing our new dynamic and adaptive XOS ecosystem featuring

Who knew one finger could do so much? The latest in finger print identification technology securely unlocks and activates your screen, apps and hidden content. Use Fingerprint management to add functionality for camera, calls, and your photo library. Experience enhanced protection and unmatched control, all at your fingertips

Personal information remains private and protected with Xhide including contacts, history, messages, and your photos and videos. Even music and apps can be hidden from others with complete and secure content management.

System UI

Excite all of your senses and delight in all of the functions of our new user interface. With the slide of a finger your mobile experience just reached a new level.

A single tap will open a world of unlimited beauty. Colorful themes and stunning wallpaper are among the wide variety of choices for personalizing your device to fit your mood or environment.

Stop hiding behind your apps! Use selfie management functions to turn your amazing photos into full-screen wallpaper, without being covered apps or badge icons. Hide and revel apps when needed with the simple diagonal slide of two fingers.

Tell your story with personality and style with a variety of filters, fast-shooting lens, and real-time special effects. Quick sharing functions allow your Magic Movies to be easily passed along to friends and fans alike.

Freezer allows your mobile device to run with optimal efficiency by storing away unused apps without using additional memory. Tuck away and retrieve apps as needed to keep your device fresh and ready to go at any moment.

Share with freedom and ease at speeds 200 times faster than traditional Bluetooth! Scan a QR code to quickly create a network with your friends to send and receive files without consuming valuable data.

Designed to enhance connectivity Designed to simplify life

With over 300 new functions to grasp, this next generation of technology won’t be unknown for very long.