Hottest selfies, so easy!

The 5MP front camera comes with 1.4 µm large pixel for greater light intake, significantly improving photo quality in low-light conditions. An 84°wide-angle shooting range grants users even more freedom. Selfie soft light provides an ambient environment for natural selfies; real-time smart beautification instantly kicks it up a notch for the most charismatic you.

13MP 5 lens camera equals superior image quality

The 13MP back camera utilizes OV8865 sensor and 5-element lens camera to enhance light intake efficiency for superior picture quality. Compatibility with HDR high dynamic range yields vivid and detailed photos.
The combination of 1.4 µm large pixel and specialized night shooting mode makes it easy to capture high resolution images in poor lighting conditions. Other modes include scenic, panoramic, and free-range shooting.

Fun photography for everyone

Smile recognition(smart recognition for smiles)
Gesture recognition(fun selfies)
Voice recognition(smart recognition for the phrase “capture” or “ cheese”)
Timed photos(great for selfies)
Touch capture(touch screen for instant focus and capture)

Powerful Snap Dragon 415 CPUOcta-core 64-bit & 16ROM+2GB RAM

Snap Dragon 415 Octa-core 64-bit processor utilizes A53 architecture and is 50% faster than Cortex A7; it is bundled with 2GB RAM for smooth operation whether you are chatting, gaming, taking photos, surfing the web, listening to music, or multitasking. An onboard Hexagon DSP provides phenomenal background management for lower power consumption and longer standby time.

Exquisite texture,
multiple color selections

The back cover is designed to fit the curve of the palm and processed with a fine diamond texture. Made to fit your lifestyle, it is the true definition of style and functionality.

5.5-inch high precision display

The 5.5-inch screen features full-laminate GFF technology for 1.2mm high precision processing, which prevents glare while minimizing distance between glass and screen for exceptional clarity and vivid picture quality. Coupled with Multi-Touch 5, it is a truly responsive experience.

Large battery, charge pal!

A 3000mAh battery is combined with low consumption design to enable 9hr of web browsing, 20hr of talk time, and 33hr of music. OTG support provides 1A reverse charging to share power with other electronic devices and is indispensable as a mobile charging companion. It is compatible with devices such as printers and portable hard drives for a high degree of convenience.

Dual-mic noise canceling for clear conversations

HOT3-LTE utilizes upper and lower silicon dual-mic to effectively lower background noise; it is coupled with a wide frequency receiver for excellent call quality.

Enjoy High Quality Music

7-th generation K-type music amplifier comes with a large magnet for uninterrupted large volume. K-Chargepump boost technology enables 93% efficiency and tips overall amplifier efficiency to 80%. A signal noise ratio (SNR) of 97.3dB as well as 0.008% ultra low distortion and anti sound-breaking technology provides professional grade processing for the best available quality.