A Bold Experiment

INFINIX HOT 4 Pro features a 5.5’’ HD display and dual high-quality stereo speakers for an exceptional multi-media experience. Powered by Android M, XOS and advanced smart voice technology, HOT 4 Pro is a fashionable and trustworthy companion with an impressive 48-hour battery life. And for unique stylish expressions, try our colorful and interchangeable cases for a personalized look that uniquely fits you.

Fingerprint Smart Key Secure, Convenient, Hassle Free

Scan your fingerprint to experience the convenience of secure ID access. The smart Fingerprint key eliminates complicated passwords and provides secure unlocking, wakes dormant apps, and enables privacy control in various other applications.

Smart Voice
Sound Quality

The upgraded INFINIX HOT 4 Pro receiver utilizes dual high-quality stereo speakers for clear and pleasant conversations, even in noisy environments.

3D Stereo Surrounding

HOT4 Pro using Dirac Stereo WideningTM brings depth to a small speaker setup by extending the sound beyond the speakers to create a wide soundstage that you would not expect from mobile devices. Not only is the sound more immersive, you’ll also enjoy louder, clearer sound with richer detail and more powerful bass.

5.5’’ HD Screen
Spectacular Display

Enhance your view of reality with a 5.5” HD screen with 12 ultra-bright backlight LEDs. Whether you are watching your favorite team compete or a fast-action feature film, everything comes alive with phenomenal clarity. Smart dynamic calibration adjusts the screen brightness & contrast in real-time for clear viewing in daytime viewing and a gentler display at night.

Large Battery, Peace of Mind

Ultra-long standby time packed into a large (4000mAh) battery and powered by the XOS energy saving utility support.(5V 2A) fast charging makes the charging process faster and safer.This battery can last the average user two days,providing a feeling of security for your extended business or leisure travel.Know that each day will start and end with power to spare!

Unique Biomimetic
Silk Processing Texture

Inspired by the silk craft of ancient oriental cultures, biomimetic silk processing challenges existing limitations of visual aesthetics and craftsmanship. From innovative design to incredible execution,the result is a fine silky texture with an incredible feel.

13 Megapixel Camera

INFINIX HOT 4 Pro boasts an exceptional camera that can capture your most memorable moments. A 13MP camera with five internal lens elements and multiple shooting modes will capture your photos with the finest detail.


Soft Light Flash

In dim lighting conditions the 5MP front-facing camera has been paired with a soft light flash to replenish brightness and accurate color. Wonderful moments are fleeting, but a good camera is always prepared. INFINIX HOT 4 Pro - the witness to your youthful moments.

True Multi-Slot Smartphone

An intuitive dual-sim card holder is the perfect option for balancing both work and life. Uniquely designed for custom configuration with simultaneous support for dual micro SIM cards and a 128GB memory card. Need more space? Simply insert a micro-SD to expand your storage.

Safe Stylish Efficient

XOS is an Infinix exclusive customized operating system based on Android M. Providing an excellent interactive experience with innovative features such as custom themes, smart cleanup, and Freezer.XOS will personalize your mobile experience while also decreasing power consumption by at least 30%.