Founded in 2013, Infinix is committed to building cutting-edge technology and fashionably designed dynamic mobile devices to create globally-focused intelligent life experiences through a merging of fashion + technology.

Through daily interactions these intuitive products become part of a lifestyle that represents trend-setting and intelligent experiences for young people around world.

Infinix currently promotes four product lines: ZERO, NOTE, HOT S, and HOT in a global marketplace reaching countries in Europe, Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, and Asia.

Brand Proposition

Infinix has been uniquely influenced by Frenchdesign and investment from our offset.

Infinix represents infinite possibilities and distinctive characteristics.

Infinix aims to meet the curiosity and needs of intelligent digital technology lifestyles.

Four Product Lines

High-technology series designed to engage tech-mature lifestyles and the creation of professional-level photos and videos.

Fully packed with a large display and high capacity, fast charging battery to satisfy ongoing multi-purpose work-life-balance functionality from morning to night.

Fashionable and fun device placing you at the center of attention with great selfies and streamlined sharing of magical photos and videos.

Brilliant and colorful solution for young and active lifestyles demanding economic and innovative technology in a smart compact device with style.

Global Layout

Brand Chronology


Establishment of Infinix with a development strategy for a full line of mobile devices


Initial release of SURF series


Introduced ALPHA and unveiled high-end Marvel series with excellent reception


Breakthrough with the launch of ZERO


HOT NOTE launched to gain the top sales record for any single Infinix product


Launched NOTE series for both business and daily functionality


Introduced Millennial-focused HOT S series

Designed for

Digital enthusiasts

Trend setters


Urban professionals